Are Electric Go-Karts Street Legal?

We are not new to the knowledge that electric go-karts are gaining popularity nowadays due to their environmental benefits. Electric go-karts have become commonplace and are continuously lauded for their perceived potential in go-kart racing. However, legal issues when it comes to their street usage continue to raise questions among many go-kart drivers and enthusiasts.

While it’s very tempting to ride a go-kart on the street, complying with safety rules and the law should always come first. Essentially, go-kart laws vary by state. Some states prohibit the street usage of both petrol-powered and electric go-karts while some states may allow their usage given that they comply with the safety standards set by the state government.

With the environmental benefits and other perceived potentials of an electric go-kart, it’s safe to say that this type of go-kart is here to stay. If you want to know more about electric go-karts, keep on reading as we talk through and analyze the legality and other related topics of driving go-karts on the streets,

Are electric go karts street legal?

The legality of go-karts street use all depends on the state law. All states in the US conform with the federal law set by the national government. However, different states can impose their own additional laws including go-kart laws as permitted by the constitutional law. That’s why go-kart laws vary from one state to another.

In most states, all go-karts including petrol-powered go-karts and electric go-karts are banned to drive on the streets, This is because go-karts are considered recreational vehicles and are not built according to safety measures set for road vehicles. Driving a go-kart on a public road is deemed unsafe for the driver and others.

On a lighter note, you can still drive a go-kart on the road. However, this is only possible when you convert your go-kart or perform alterations to become eligible for road use. The alterations should conform with the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and the go-kart must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How to make a go-kart street legal

To make a go-kart legal, you have to be knowledgeable first about the laws in your state. Different states may require you to register the go-kart as a Low-speed Vehicle (LSV) having a top speed of 25 mph. The go-kart should also be registered under DMV. You may also need to perform alterations on your go-kart to meet safety regulations. The alterations required also vary from state to state.

Nevertheless, here are some common requirements that you have to comply with when converting your go-kart to a street-legal vehicle.

  • The go-kart should pass all safety standards and tests and should be equipped with safety equipment set by the state.
  • The go-kart should have: High functioning brakes, correctly installed mirrors, high-quality windshield, seat belts, horn, DOT approved tires, four wheels, speedometer, lights, and exhaust system.
  • The go-karts should be registered accordingly with the DMV
  • The speed should be limited to a maximum of 25 mph.
  • The weight limit should be at 3,000 lbs at maximum
  • The go-kart should pass speed tests and other necessary inspections.
  • It should have up-to-date vehicle insurance.

What are the penalties for driving go-karts on the road?

Just like the go-kart laws, the penalties and charges also depend on the states.

The general sanction for road violations is acquiring a traffic ticket. When you are caught driving an unregistered go-kart on the road, the police will ask you to pull over and will issue a traffic ticket. Depending on the state, the ticket may cost $150 and more.

Depending on the violation, the go-kart may also be impounded by the authorities. In worst-case scenarios, the driver could be sent behind bars.

Is a license needed to drive a go-kart on the street?

While go-karts are allowed to be driven by almost everyone without a license on a race track, a go-kart for the road cannot be driven by someone without one. The driver should have a valid driver’s license when driving a go-kart of the street or any public road.

Over and above, the go-kart should comply with all the requirements set by the state where it is being driven.

Why you shouldn’t ride an electric go-kart on the streets

Electric go-karts have become exceptionally acclaimed by many go-karts enthusiasts all over the world. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also equipped with fast acceleration features. Its electric motors provide instant torque allowing the go-kart to reach the top speed in a short time.

Despite these and other perceived advantages, driving a go-kart out of the race track is highly discouraged for a number of safety concerns.

Driving a go-kart on the street poses a safety risk

Go-karts lack safety equipment like lights, blinkers, and side mirrors that road vehicles need. These pieces of equipment are considered necessary for safety purposes and driving without them may put the driver and others in danger.

You should never drive a go-kart on the streetwalk, neighborhood roads, and public parks where pedestrians are constantly present.

Nonetheless, just like any other law, go-karts laws may also have an exception. If your electric go-kart is small enough to pass as a toy, it may be permitted on sidewalks or other public places but never on the road.

To avoid inconveniences and penalties, always check and comply with your local authorities.

Where can I drive a go-kart legally?

We understand that you want to ride your go-karts as much as you want but the places where you can drive it are only limited as they can cause safety concerns on the road.

First of all, you should ride your go-kart on the go-kart racing track. This place provides optimum safety in driving go-karts. Driving here can also give you an opportunity to comingle with other go-kart hobbyists.

Depending on your go-kart’s capacity, you may also ride it on designated off-road trails where no people can be harmed. Make sure that you observe maximum safety precautions as these places may have unpredictable road conditions.

Go-karts can also be driven legally in private properties. If you have private property with a wide area of land, you are free to drive your go-kart according to your discretion. However,

Some public places may also permit you to drive your go-kart legally for special events or occasions.

Wrapping it up

While driving go-karts can be an exhilarating experience, we should first be responsible drivers and comply with the go-kart laws always. The legality and sanctions of driving go-karts on the street vary by state. Different states provide additional laws that should be observed by all go-kart drivers at all times. Before driving your go-kart off the race track, make sure to check the go-kart laws in your state.

Some primary requirements for driving go-karts on the street include passing safety tests, acquiring road safety equipment, and registering the go-kart with the DMV. A valid driving license is also required when driving an eligible street go-kart. Uneligible street go-karts should never be driven in any public place including sidewalks, neighborhood roads, parks, and other places. On the other hand, they can be driven legally on race tracks, off-road trails, private properties, and other public places under special conditions.

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