What Is The Average Speed Of A Go Kart?

Average Speed Of A Go Kart

Shifter Karts are also known as Sprint Karts basically because their sprint capacities enable drivers to shift gears either bumping up or down rapidly.

Shifter karts commonly produce 48 kW or 65 hp which can go from 210 km/hr or 130mph. Some shifter go-karts, if handled properly can run at a speed of 0-60 mph in 1.5 seconds more. However, shifter karts’ power and performance are not all exactly the same. Depending on the class and size (cubic centimeters) of a shifter kart’s engine, there is also associated speed and horsepower that it produces.

Read further to know about the engine capacities of Shifter Karts and their corresponding engine CCs.

Generally, how fast does a shifter kart go?

Shifter Karts are mainly motors with transmission typically similar to sprint karts. Its high motor powers are sourced out from six-speed sequential that can accelerate gears at greater capability. It also comes in 4-wheel brakes which makes shifter karts equivalent to race cars in full-size ratio, unlike other go-karts that only have rear-brake-only variants.


There are several sizes of single-cylinder motocross engines of shifter karts commonly 80cc, 125cc, and 250cc. Beyond this, shifter karts also go with 500cc and 1000cc. The engines that shifter karts use are powered primarily by electric motors that have basically four-stroke engines. This type of engine standardly has air-cooled industrial-based engines that are open for modifications and customizations to improvise reaching for up to 5 to 20 hp. Most shifter karts come in 250cc with twin-cylinder engines. Shifter karts have five to six gearboxes.

Typical racing karts have 71 kW or 95 hp and run at 230 km/hr or 140 mph. This speed is generally recorded as the fastest form of the kart. Also depending on the build of its equipment and machine aside from the engines, it also impacts the speed of a shifter kart. Therefore, there are several speed types and power that explain how fast does a shifter kart go. Depending on its cc size or cubic centimeters of the engine, there is a certain speed that Shifter karts can go.

How fast does a shifter kart go with its corresponding cc?

Shifter karts are famously known for their super speeds. Shifter karts have a special and different kind of construction other than the common type of a racing machine. It is specifically designed with power-to-ratio of luxury race and sports cars. More than answering your question with more technical answers, these super karts such as the shifter karts are treated as ultra-fast more seriously than the well-known racing machines.

For 125cc shifter karts, its speed goes from 70mph to 80mph. Take note that the weather conditions surprisingly affect the speed and ability of a shifter kart to release its power. Thus, the track layout and tire usage also contribute to its performance. For 2-stroke 200cc shifter karts, its could reach up to 120mph as its top speed. While a 4-stroke kart reaches only 75mph for go-karts. The 150cc karts have 30mph as its maximum speed. A 1000cc kart goes as fast as 188mph at its most conventional condition. For open and straight tracks, it can even go for 200mph. For karts with 400-500cc, it goes around almost 60 mph. Karts usually transport for up to 500lbs.

The acceleration that shifter karts can do is enormously superb and unbelievable! Shifter karts drivers even need to stay sharp and in shape to drive one of these shifter karts. The machines of shifter karts also need the expertise of its drivers to allow and utilize their maximum capabilities.

Whoever has experienced driving shifter karts really attests to how impressive the differences are against the speed and performance of go-karts. There is also a surprisingly 1000mph that shifter karts can go. This, choosing shifter karts are more practical decisions for racers who are looking for ultimate and next-level experiences from conventional karting. Shifter karts basically have twice the power of conventional karts and 30 percent more weight. This characteristic of shifter karts creates downforce-releasing aerodynamics during a race in complex racetracks. With the speed it can produce, the kart would surely go more pressurized but with a stronger force which makes it faster than a typical entry-level race car.

The chassis profiles and details of shifter karts or sprint karts are specifically formulated for any road surface type, making it powerfully versatile and durable. The 250cc 2-stroke motorcycle and 450-500 cc -stroke engines are completely incomparable. The disc-brakes of this kart are secured with semi-enclosed bodywork which is less maintenance and gives you fewer worries on the racetrack. Some historical racing events by shifter karts include the 250-cc kart of Corvette C5-Rs and Saleen S7R. At a time-lapse of 1:23.875, the average speed reached 100.864 mph.

Ways to help you maximize your shifter kart’s performance.

Super speed karts like sprint karts or shifter karts also come with strategies and techniques. Specifically, even at a 125cc shifter kart, you can blast down in straight by braking for a turn and head back. There can also be more speed with pressure when you turn in another direction depending on how you shifted the gears at a perfect time.

Even at the height and peak of how fast does a shifter kart go, success in racing also relies on the racer’s performance too! In order to win in your next race, you must possess the basic advantages. Your kart is not the only one responsible to make you win. You must also have the right techniques in operating and handling a shifter kart on the racing track. Don’t lean in when you approach a corner or turning points. You must avoid leaning your body towards the apex because the weight it brings to the kart will slow down the capacity of the wheels. Always sit square and keep your weight distributed equally over the CENTER of the kart and always feel comfortable.

More than how fast does a shifter kart go, enjoying yourself at any race while inside the shifter karts will help you win. The most important thing in racing is enjoying, whether you win or lose. Keeping a clear mind at all times avoids delaying or disrupting your attention to all other feelings. Enjoying the race with a shifter kart will keep you on track and give you a chance at winning.

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